At Waveus Network Pvt Ltd, we believe unique problems require niche solutions. And that’s precisely what we do. Our Ph.D.’s Engineers leverage their rich experience and diverse skill-set to provide cutting-edge solutions to clients with unique problems. We focus on emerging and innovative technologies to provide clients with a competitive edge. For example, SMAC (social, mobile, analytic, and cloud) is an emerging technology integrating the power of social, mobile, analytical, and cloud solutions. This technological solution can help businesses gain a competitive edge in applications like Industrial IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Prediction and Performance Modeling, and more.

Our experienced professionals at Waveus Network Pvt Ltd use powerful analytics to unlock new and emerging technologies' true potential to the client’s business advantage. At Waveus Network Pvt Ltd, our solutions work best for industries that are continuously evolving and up against new challenges.

We offer the following:

Solutions for Healthcare

We can work as your technical partner, helping hospitals and other healthcare services providers integrate cutting-edge technologies and innovative products to deliver the best customer services. Whether you need innovative solutions to successfully perform hospital activities or dental practice activities and human health activities, we can assist you with them all.

With us, you healthcare facilities can digitize the industrial parts of their business and leverage data, software, along with new generation wireless connectivity, to redefine their business success. We can provide you with cutting edge solutions powered by 4G/5G, EdTech Software, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT for building an intelligent, profitable, and sustainable business.

Solutions for Vehicular Communication

Join hands with us to modify the way your transportation works today. We can provide you with unique and innovative solutions powered by the latest and emerging technologies for the edge that you need to propel your business to greater heights.

Utilize vehicle tracking power with real-time updates to minimize the risk involved in transporting valuable goods and tracking shipments. We can provide you with customized solutions to improve vehicle tracking and communication, ensuring deliveries are made timely without delays or mishaps.

Solutions for Telecom

Our IT virtualization solution is designed to augment business while minimizing the cost of doing business. This technology empowers you to create a virtual version of your server using the software. It aims at improving scalability and centralizing administrative tasks while lowering hardware costs.

Our qualified and professional engineering workforce is at your service to help you surmount any telecom industry challenges that may be holding you back from growing your business and taking the lead.

For more information about our solutions or service assistance, contact us today. Give us a chance to serve you. Let us help your telecom business realize the success you can experience when everything is intelligent, smart, and seamlessly integrated.


Our team can provide players in the telecom industry to ensure better connectivity and performance by integrating innovative technologies. We have the ability to utilize big data and deploy technologies at any scale with our product engineering experience, all of which enable us to help our telecom clients innovate and differentiate for success.

Moreover, it provides you with the power to frequent and comprehensively tests your services even when critical components in the system architecture are missing. Virtualization allows you to emulate crucial components’ behavior and undergo integration testing earlier in the development process. It is all needed to remove critical bottlenecks and ensure fast production and time to market for an application.

With IT virtualization you can easily virtualize the behavior of an ERP, CRM, or payment gateway in your system architecture with software responses and stimulated data. It will help you proceed freely and pay way to smooth user acceptance tests once the third-party components are deployed. Virtualization enables the behavior of entire network backend services to be simulated.

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