Waveus Right Connectivity. Founded in 2013 with Vision of Connecting the Human and Machines to Work more Collaboratively, Safely and Securely. Nichehands is Research and Development Startup, works on End-to-End Solution and Products for Business Transformation. The Niche-Solutions Provides Customized Technologies and Strategies for Business need. The Products Space Provides Ready to Deploy applications for various Industries. Nichehands covers Total Spectrum of Computing - Communication - Contents - Customer Value Proposition. Nichehands specialized in Network and User Equipment’s ground-up development, Applications Space, Systems Security, Machine Learning and Analytics Platform and IoT and Business Intelligence Solutions. Our Uniqueness comes in Convergence of Technologies and Strategy driven Applications to empower tomorrow's need. Nichehands is one of the Startup holding 22+ Patents on Key Technologies and Solutions Space. To know more about our offerings please visit Niche Solutions or Product Page or Connect us to know more.

Who We Are?

Established in 2013, with a mission to create cutting-edge technologies that address waveus business problems and serve as performance-driven solutions, we are the innovators.

Headquartered in Bangalore, we are a company invested in research and development and strongly committed to developing and engineering next-generation technologies and software systems that help clients increase their business potentials while navigating through complexities smoothly with greater success.

Our core values lay the foundation for the way we work and serve our clients. They are part of our DNA and at the heart of everything we do. Our values include:

We extend specialized services and products to clients across the healthcare, education, and telecom sectors powered by technologies like:


Waveus received two rounds of seed funding from founders in the span of one year. The revenue flow started from solutions and solutions specific products added the growth in short span of time. Apart from strategic investment in R&D, the company continued funding other potential start-up and disruptive areas. In March’2015 Waveus invested in market place E-commerce player, BindBind E-Commerce Pvt Ltd. In April’2015 the company started its US footprint in Florida and San Diego for local support in US and Latin America. The continuous increase of investment in the R&D space, brought more innovations day-by-day. The un-matched innovative solutions brought the Waveus in the limelight of emerging start-up.


It’s remarkable memory to re-call the Journey of Waveus. It’s all started way back 2010 to build technology that can transform the human life with right connectivity. The long-term aspiration of Human life transformation through technology flaming on the two individuals started taking shapes from 2012 during their six hours’ weekly trip, to their home town villages from Bangalore. In 2012 the idea of building a technology that can Transform the human life, getting shape and made the way for birth of Waveus on January 2013. Soon, the growing ideas and patents made as an entity, on 25th Oct 2013. The journey started with innovative note to develop the – The business referral network started with 2 Employees and two patents. The innovative portfolio quickly brought global attention with multiple products and 20+ strong employees globally in 3 Years. Now Waveus holds two patents applied six more, twelve Trademarks and made foot-print across the major continents. Now we are on our fourth year. Let’s Join our hands…! We Waveus…!


Human efficiencies impacts lives of Peoples, Business growth, Innovations for Mankind, and Children’s Future. Waveus brings Machines and Humans together to address the gap by Connecting Machines and Humans. The Technology landscape is vast, and every End-to-End Solutions demands array of Technologies and Strategies. The discrete solutions solves one paradigm of the Transformation and leaves black hole on the rest. Waveus address the value proportion by Transforming the Business and Human lives with End-to-End Solution for realizing true potential of Technologies, Automation, xG Networks, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Connect Humans and Machines Safely, Securely and Work Collaboratively for day-to-day life. The Vision is to Adopt, Learn and Influence the Human Brain for the betterment of Life and Business Growth. The Vision is to Provide Transformative End-to-End Solutions and Products, affordable and available for everyone.


At Waveus Networks Pvt Ltd, we work on specialized software engineering products and technologies. Our goal is to leverage the power of R&D to create tailored solutions for clients helping them overcome their unique and new business challenges with confidence while ensuring increased productivity and accelerated growth. We provide end-to-end solutions, thereby connecting humans and machines strategically together, transforming lives for the better. Put simply, we work strategically to unlock the power of next-generation technologies, 4 and 5G networks, automation, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, delivering the best value to our clients.

Leadership Team

The Investors & Board Members Comprises of 40+ Yrs. of Expertise across various Industries, Spanning from Research & Development, Education, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions, and Social Welfare. The Niche Visionaries Team Joined their Hands Together to Build and Continuously nurturing Nichehands. Nichehands is the one of the top startups having more PhD Researchers and Member of Global Technical and Specification bodies.

How we do it?

To deliver what we promise, we rely on our multifaceted team of PhD's Engineers and waveus visionaries that work in synergy to innovate technologies and software programs for clients that drive success, facilitate smooth and profitable business transformation.

The perfect combination of our wealth of experience, diverse skill-set, profound industry knowledge, and passion for innovation enables us to facilitate the convergence of technologies and strategy-driven applications empowering tomorrow's needs. No matter what type of solutions you may need—Orchestration, Telecom IP, EdTech Software, Vehicle Tracking, Industrial IoT or any other solution¬—to overcome field-specific challenges, we are here to serve.

Our team works as a natural extension of your team to engineer solutions that work. We first develop a solid understanding of the client's needs and accordingly provide cutting-edge solutions with precision timing and best results.