nFinite - Infinite Skills presented in ‘n’ number of finite Skills. nFinite Skills is the World’s first enterprise education learning and Management solution that covers 360° view of E-learning, E-Teaching, Predictive Analytics Subject to Unit to Topic-wise assessment and analysis of student skills to bring-out the focus area’s required to achieve the goal. nFinite Skills integrates three key roles in the Enterprise Education Management. The first one is for, Head of the institution for business sustenance and expansion. Second role on, Administrator for Financial, Hostel, Transport, Workforce Management of teaching & Non-teaching staff. The third role on, Analytics powered e-learning and e-teaching for student empowerment. Waveus patented technology on the brain mapping now brought to education solution to empower the skill development.

EdTech Software

Our tailored EdTech software solutions are designed to introduce modern learning practices in educational institutions and companies alike. With us, you can offer a personalized e-learning experience through next-generation EdTech software programs.

At Waveus Networks Pvt Ltd., we evaluate your requirements along with industry specifics to customize a fully-featured EdTech software solution. Our EdTech solutions conform to LTI, OneRoster, Ed-Fi, QTI, and other industry standards to ensure interoperability and enhance data security.



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